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A Car Key // Replacement Car Keys Boxted

When you’ve found that you’ve lost your car keys, it can be absolutely infuriating. You’re unable to get to where you need to go, and you might even be stuck outside when you’re not at home. Plus, how are you even going to get this problem fixed?
You’ll probably run through several different options, from going to the local garage to calling roadside assistance or your local dealership. But all of these are going to take time, if they can help at all, and perhaps no small amount of money.
Instead, your first thought should be to call a car locksmith. And if you’re in need of replacement car keys in Boxted, you should think of A Car Key.

Whether it’s to help you out in an emergency, or simply because you want a spare set of keys, A Car Key will be able to help you out quickly and at affordable rates, even if you’re not at home.

So why take a look at our services, or if you’re in need of immediate assistance, just get in touch with us now.

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    What does a car locksmith do?

    A car locksmith, also known as an auto locksmith, is someone who specialises in car locks and keys. While most car locksmiths will also have training in locks and will be able to provide your general locksmith services, most of their business will come from helping people who have lost their car keys, locked them in their car, or need replacement car keys made for any other reason.
    Since people don’t always lose or damage their car keys when they’re at home or during business hours, many car locksmiths will provide help for you on the road, and may even provide a 24 hour emergency call out service.

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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys
    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys

    How do I get replacement car keys?

    When you need a replacement car key made, you have several options available to you.
    If your keys are lost or damaged, you can see if your car insurance will cover their replacement. Many won’t though, so it’s best not to rely on this option, and even if they do, it could affect your no claims bonus.
    Next, you could try going to your vehicle dealership where you bought the car from, but this can be a slow and more expensive method. Many will end up using a car locksmith anyway.

    If you’re having issues while you’re on the road, you can try a local garage or roadside breakdown assistance. They may be able to help, but in many cases they won’t have the correct equipment on hand, and it could be expensive.
    Finally, you have the (what we consider the best) option to go to a car locksmith. They’re experts at solving the exact problem that you’re having and can usually do the job faster and cheaper than anyone else.

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    Why do I need replacement car keys?

    There are several reasons why you may want to get a replacement set of car keys made.
    The most obvious case is when you’ve either damaged or misplaced your keys, so that you can no longer lock or unlock your vehicle. When this happens, your only real alternative is to get a new set made.

    But it’s always handy to have a spare key made, especially if you’re sharing the use of the vehicle. It means less organising and trading keys back and forth.
    Additionally, if you lose one set of keys, you’ve always got a spare set so that you can still use your vehicle. Plus, getting a spare key made is usually a much simpler task if you’ve got the key that you want copied to hand

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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys
    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys


    How much is a replacement Car Key UK?

    This will depend on factors such as whether you have your key available to copy or if you need a new one made from scratch, what model of vehicle you have, and whether it’s an emergency job. On average though, you could be looking at around £300.

    What else does a car locksmith do?

    Other than providing replacement keys, car locksmiths can help you gain access to your car without a key and can repair or replace damaged locks. Plus, since most car locksmiths will probably have started out as a general locksmith, they should be able to provide general locksmith services too if you get locked out of your house.

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    Fast Car Key replacement service

    Regardless of the reason why you need a replacement set of car keys, A Car Key will always endeavour to help you out as quickly as possible, and at an affordable rate.
    Whether it’s when we’re called out to help you wherever you are, or you come to us with a query or for advice, we strive to provide the best possible car locksmith service available

    And some of the things that demonstrate our drive to do this are our:

    • Wide range of services – we offer a number of services, meaning that regardless of what issue you’re experiencing with your car lock, we’re able to help
    • Guild of Master Locksmiths membership – this shows that we meet industry standards in everything we do, and can provide service of an exceptional quality.
    • Fast response times – we always aim to get to you as quickly as we can, meaning the problem you’re experiencing affects you as minimally as possible

    So if you’re in need of replacement keys in Boxted, we’re here to provide expert and timely assistance. To find out how we can help you, get in touch today.

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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys