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In the modern world, there are few things more infuriating than an inconvenience that costs us a large amount of time to resolve, not to mention money.
And that moment when you’ve realised you’re locked out of your car just as you’re about to set off to wherever it is that you need to go is up there at the top of the list. Rather than being able to go on your way, you have to find an available locksmith who can help you out, and hope that they can do it quickly without having to tow your car to their workshop.
At A Car Key, we’ve designed our service so that it’s as fast and affordable as possible. With most of our call outs being solved there and then, we help you get back on the road in no time at all.
In need of an emergency call out in lexden, or simply want a spare set of keys made? Then get in touch today and let us know what we can do to help!

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    What is a car locksmith?

    A car locksmith, also known as an auto locksmith, is a professional who specialises in vehicle locks and keys. They usually provide the typical services that you might expect a general locksmith to provide, except for vehicle locks rather than those found in buildings.

    These services are designed to help you when you find that you’ve lost your keys, or they’re no longer working. This can either be your electronic key fob, or the physical key itself. They can usually come to any location, since keys aren’t only lost or damaged at home. Many car locksmiths will even offer a 24 hour service, so that you can get quick help whenever you need it.

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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys

    How do I hire a car locksmith?

    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys
    Finding a locksmith to help you when you’re having problems with your car keys is usually easy to do. A simple search online will likely turn up locksmiths who can help you out.

    But finding a reliable locksmith who can help you when you need them may take a little more effort.

    Some of the best tips for finding the perfect locksmith are:

    • Ask friends and family for a recommendation. If they’ve received good service from that locksmith, it’s likely that you will too.
    • Look locally. Locksmiths further afield are naturally more likely to take longer to get to you, meaning a longer delay getting your car open.
    • Check their certifications, and make sure that they’re licensed and qualified.
    • Check their reviews online, and see what other people thought of them.
    • Check if they have insurance
    • Check if they have 24 hour cover
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    When should I call a car locksmith?

    Whenever you find that you’re unable to open your car using your key, then it’s probably time to call a car locksmith.

    Examples of when this might occur and other times when you might need a car locksmith include:

    • When your electronic key fob has stopped working
    • When you’ve physically broken or damaged the key
    • When the lock on your vehicle has been damaged
    • After a break in
    • If you’ve locked your keys inside your vehicle
    • When you need a spare set made
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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys
    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys


    What other services does a car locksmith offer?

    Since many car locksmiths will have initially trained as a general locksmith, many will be able to offer general services that you might expect any locksmith to offer, such as creating spare keys, unlocking doors and fixing locks.

    How much does a car locksmith cost?

    The cost will vary depending on the provider and service, plus many will charge extra for out of hours calls. In general though, you can expect to pay around £30 to get into a car you’re locked out of, and prices for replacing a car key can range anywhere between £25 and £125.

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    Professional Car Locksmith services

    We know that when you call a car locksmith in Lexden, you’re looking for someone who can offer you a fast and professional service. At A Car Key, our whole service is designed around offering you the very best in car locksmith services.

    And some of the things that set us apart from the competition include:

    • We’re proud members of the Guild of Master Locksmiths, meaning that we constantly meet and exceed the industry standards
    • Our wide range of services means that regardless of what issues you’re having with your car keys or car lock, we’re able to help you quickly resolve any problem
    • Our unrivalled customer service is just a part of what helps us give you the best service possible, as we strive to fix your car key problems as quickly and affordably as possible.

    So if you’ve misplaced or damaged your car keys, need a spare set made, or you’re facing any other problems at all, then get in touch with us today and see how we can make all your problems disappear.

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    A Car Key | Auto Locksmiths | Replacement Car Keys